About Me

I recently completed the PhD program at Arizona State University working with my advisor Dr. Edward Gibson

In 2011, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Notre Dame University in Lebanon. Upon graduation, I worked full-time for the world-class EPC turnkey contractor called Bemco International Offshore under the Bin Ladin group (Engineering, Procurement, Construction). Concurrently, I pursued a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from the American University of Beirut. Upon graduation in 2017, I joined the American College of Middle East, in Kuwait, as a full-time engineering faculty instructor for undergraduate students.

My current research activity is focused on Earned Value Management Systems at Arizona State University. I work on a project for the U.S. Department of Energy in collaboration with an industry steering committee of 36 expert representatives from 18 government and industry organizations.

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PS: Hear my name

I am advocate for protecting the environment and safety on construction sites.

Great example of safety instructions from the field. Following the instructions is important.

A photo taken from the field at water intake. Protecting the environment is important.